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We take pride not only in the amazing value that customers receive from our land, but also in the way in which we do business.  It is essential for us to follow through on core principles of honesty, efficiency and value.  We strive to bring a high level of professionalism to the vacant land investing marketplace. 

Below are testimonials from past buyers regarding their experience working with us here at Beacon Properties USA:

"Tom was great to work with. If we had a question, he answered it! The whole process was very quick and smooth. From the initial post and contact of when we were going to look at the property down to the final paperwork, everything was smooth."
Michael Main
Monthly Installment Buyer
"Communication with Tom and Beacon Properties was exemplary from the first contact to the completion of the real estate purchase. I appreciate Tom's professionalism and great communication. I would definitely do business with him again once the opportunity presents itself."
Sam D.
Pay-in-Full Buyer
"The value received is incomparable. The land is beautiful for a low price compared to surrounding property prices. It was a steal! Best of all, we had everything done with in a matter of hours."
Victoria Bressler
Pay-in-Full Buyer

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